Portal integration

Linking your restaurant to Quandoo website (portal) and network and anytime a customer visits your website and wants to make a reservation, he will be able to do it easily. The reservation form can be adapted so that it integrates perfectly with any website.

How to integrate Quandoo portal?

We append tracking parameters to the URL automatically for you (AID / agent_id) and when a reservation/enquiry is created, the attribution to your Partnership is stored.

On request to both the “Search” and “Get Merchant by ID” endpoints, the response will include a links block, and the link with rel DETAILS is a link to our consumer portal.


You may open the portal in a pop up window or in a new tab/window. Our portal is highly optimised for conversion and customers have the added value of getting further information and personalised recommendations.

The Agent Id (aid) is added to the URL automatically when a correct Auth Token is provided.