Reservation settings

There are also settings at merchant level regarding reservations that should be taken into account when creating a reservation. These setting are available on the endpoint

GET /v1/merchants/{merchantId}/reservation-settings.

  • Areas available for reservations

These areas are displayed within areaIds array, together with the priority set for each. Depending on this priority, the areas are allocated automatically when making a reservation or you must indicate the correct one when creating the reservation. If the area with the highest priority isn’t available, choose the next one and so on.

  • Area selection required

If “areaSelectionRequired” setting is ON (value true), you should display available areas in a dropdown when a guest is making an online reservation. Also, when creating a reservation you must provide an area id, based on availability and priority.

  • Capacities

This value indicates the number of guests that can be set when creating a reservation. When a customer makes a reservation, he will be able to choose the number of guests from a drop-down list based on this capacities.

  • Online Reservation interval

This value is used to display the time slots for a reservation. If the interval set is 30 minutes, the customer will be able to select a 30 minutes time (12:00, 12:30 etc.).

  • Newsletter selection

If “merchantNewsletterSelectionRequired” setting is ON (value true), the customer should have displayed in the checkout 2 confirmation checkboxes for newsletter option: one for the website he makes the reservation on and one for the merchant.

  • Special terms

If “specialTerms” setting is ON (value true), the customer needs to confirm restaurant’s special terms and conditions when making the reservation. So you need to display them in the checkout.

  • CCV information

If “CCVEnabled” setting is ON (value true), credit card information will be required when making a reservation. So this option must be displayed to the customer in the checkout and sent on API when creating a reservation.

  • Automatic confirmation

If “automaticConfirmation” setting is ON (value true), the reservation will be automatically confirmed after the creation (AUTOMATIC_CONFIRMED status) and the merchant will be notified using webhook notification.