Quandoo terminology


An agent is a system that manages reservations or enquiries (create/update).


Areas are delimited places in the restaurant that can be defined by the merchants in their profile (e.g.: outdoor area, garden, second floor etc.). An area contains the tables located there and the capacity for each table.

Activate area selection setting: when this setting is activated, when making a reservation, the customer will have a drop-down list with areas available for him to choose from.


The mix between date and time, number of guests and restaurant’s setup determines its availability. This is calculated real time so that the customers can create reservations only for available tables.


It states if the restaurants can be booked online or not. If so, the customers can register reservations for that restaurants, otherwise they will just appear in search results, without the possibility of booking..


Specifies the number of people in a reservation. Availability days will be returned based on this capacity.

It can also refer to the available seats on a table or an area of the restaurant.


A restaurant chain is a set of related restaurants in many different locations that are either under shared corporate ownership or franchising agreements.

Credit Card Vault (CCV) or Secure Booking Service (SBS)

Merchants can ask for credit card details to be held securely with us for reservations that match certain criteria. For this reason, any availabilities that indicate a ccv setting can only be completed on our consumer portal.


Customers are the persons who are making a reservation or an enquiry. Guests are the people attending the reservation. A customers is also a guest


Enquiries are requests for bookings, usually with many guests and for special events (birthday parties, business meetings), but not an actual booking itself; it can be considered a request for a reservation. After reviewing the enquiry and communicating with the customer about the specifics and availability, restaurants can convert it into an actual reservation.

An enquiry can be in one of these statuses:

  • CREATED – When a new enquiry is created;
  • IN_PROGRESS – When the enquiry is being reviewed by the merchant;
  • ACCEPTED – Enquiry accepted by the merchant; a reservation should be created after an enquiry is accepted;
  • REJECTED – Enquiry rejected by the merchant.


It refers to the location of the merchant and contains both the coordinates (latitude, longitude) and an address, if available.


Menus are lists of dishes available in a restaurant. This can refer to both PDF menus or text based ‘chef choices’.


Merchants are the restaurants integrated with Quandoo. Each merchant has an ID or merchant ID assigned to them.


The percentage of the restaurant that is occupied or used. Value 0 means that the restaurant is fully available and 100 means that there are no tables available (the restaurant is fully booked).


A reservation is the action a customer is making in order to book a table in a restaurant. It contains the number a guests that will attend, time and date.

A reservation can be in one of these statuses:

  • CREATED – When a new reservation is created;
  • AUTOMATIC_CONFIRMED – If the Automatic confirmation for online reservations is enabled, the reservation will be automatically confirmed after X hours after it was created;
  • CONFIRMED – Reservation confirmed manually by the merchant;
  • REJECTED – Reservation rejected by the merchant;
  • NOTIFICATION_REQUESTED – If the merchant chooses to send a notification to the customer regarding his reservation;
  • NOTIFIED – When the notification was sent to the customer;
  • RECONFIRMED – When the customer confirmed his reservation after receiving the notification;
  • CUSTOMER_CANCELED – When the customer cancels his reservation;
  • MERCHANT_CANCELED – When the merchant cancels the reservation;
  • NO_SHOW – When the customer didn’t come to the restaurant after he made a reservation;
  • CHECK_IN – When the customer arrives at the restaurant;
  • AUTOMATIC_CHECK_OUT – If Automatic checkout is enabled, the reservation is marked as completed after a period of time after the end_date;
  • CHECK_OUT – When the merchant manually sets a reservation as completed;
  • REVOKED – For reservations that we’re checked out (automatically or manually), a merchant can set REVOKED status if the guest didn’t actually show up at the restaurant.

A reservation ‘belongs’ to both a merchant and a customer, so the same id of it will be used, depending on the endpoint.


Reviews are made by the guests after they left the restaurant and a reservation is successfully finished (checked out). They are completed on the Quandoo Portal and are moderated within 24-48 hours. A review will contain a rating between 1-6 along with an optional text.


Customers can choose what items from the menu are planning to order at the restaurant when creating a reservation. This information allows the merchants to prepare in advance for special order or just to reduce the time spent by the guests for ordering.

Promo Code

A customer can apply a promo code when making a reservation to unlock special offers – usually in the form of points that are later redeemable after the reservation is complete.


Customer’s option to receive newsletters from Quandoo or the restaurants he made reservations at.


Tags are keywords that best define the restaurants and help them appear on top when a customer searches using these words. Tags can be food related (spicy food, vegan friendly etc.), atmosphere (fine dining, cozy etc.) or meal type (breakfast, lunch etc.).